What Is a White Label Payment Gateway?

What Is a White Label Payment Gateway?

A white label payment gateway is a payment solution used to offer payment processing services to your customers under your brand. For example, you can handle credit card payments in various currencies using this payment gateway. In addition, you are allowed to sell these services directly to your clients through the payment solution.

If you are running an e-commerce website builder, for example, a traditional payment gateway enables you to collect payment online from anyone who utilizes your platform to develop and host a company website. Consequently, customers can accept credit card payments on the websites they constructed if you enable them through a white label gateway. Additionally, you get a little percentage/commission from every transaction they complete.

What Businesses Benefit from a White Label Payment Gateway?

If you run an online beauty store, a white label payment gateway may not be of much value to you. Businesses that could benefit from this type of service include:

Businesses that use multi-level marketing strategies. It is possible to set up a white-label payment gateway that will allow you to build a store for each of your customers if they sell products for you rather than themselves.

Distributors and resellers. If you are a Value Added Reseller (VAR), Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Independent Sales Organization (ISO), or another form of reseller, you can benefit from a white label solution.

Turnkey business providers. If you’re helping prospective entrepreneurs develop online enterprises, particularly eCommerce businesses, The white label payment solution will be beneficial for your customers to accept payment. Companies that build online gaming platforms and rent them out or sell them off to entrepreneurs for a profit benefit, too, like gaming websites and a white label casino.

Companies looking for credit card processing under their brand name. Several white-label payment gateways allow you to offer clients the option of using a credit card with your company brand name. Every time your consumers swipe their card, you get paid. They can use the card anywhere (while you earn rewards each time they do so).

Aspiring business providers for payment gateways. Gateway Solutions are commonly stand-alone businesses. You can build your website and use your branding to promote and benefit from a payment gateway. If you love the way the gateway operates but feel that it may be more efficient and successful if you were to sell it yourself, you can promote it. Though you didn’t produce it yourself, you will still receive a small percentage of the profit when customers use it. Basically, it’s a form of a high-tech affiliate program.

A white label gateway may be right for you if you want to offer payment processing to your customers as part of your business.

Pros and Cons of Using a White Label Payment Gateway

With the Pros of this payment solution,

  • You save the payment gateway fees. You save money by building your payment gateway rather than using a third-party service provider. However, implementing your payment gateway comes with a slew of upkeep and other expenses.
  • You are in control. Building a custom gateway is completely up to you to decide what features and integrations the gateway needs to meet your business requirements. To ensure a seamless process, you’ll need a team composed of experts in the relevant field and those familiar with cutting-edge technology.

The Cons of Opting for White Label Payment Gateway are:

  • The gateway may be prohibitively expensive if you do not require white label services. There is a lot of difficulty in customizing white label payment gateways. Although you are officially in charge of the checkout process, you may have very few alternatives regarding how it appears and performs.
  • Compliance Issues and Brand Taint. You may be risking your good name and reputation by using the gateway as your own. Maintaining PCI compliance and combatting fraud is critical since any flaws or data breaches can harm your organization and put you at risk of fines, litigation, and other penalties.

Why Choose White Label Payment Gateway as Your Commercial Solution

Most business owners are faced with the decision of whether to build their own or purchase an existing system. As a payment service provider, do you have all the resources to provide your consumers with the most cutting-edge and cost-effective payment methods? The White Label payment allows you to save money while still reaping the benefits. There are several benefits to doing so, including:

Products can easily be rebranded or marketed – Payment gateways must be accredited, upgraded, code tested, and updated regularly. As a result, choosing ready-to-market products that have already been polished is a simple alternative for quickly branding and marketing products.

Increased Visibility of your Brand – This value is more noticeable in organizations that offer various third-party services or products that complement each other. For example, a Stand-alone Marketing company that resells trading accounts from banks, credit terminals, and e-commerce websites, can boost its brand’s visibility and recognition by using a branded payment gateway.

Shared Responsibilities and Ownership – As long as the payment gateway is working correctly, the business will not be solely responsible or saddled with any problems. They can alternatively concentrate on fixing or improving the payment service. Specialized assistance and customer feedback for service improvement are also available to the business. This way, it can focus on its core services and day-to-day operations.

Technological Benefits – The business can benefit from the newest technological developments, such as ApplePay and AndroidPay. Business owners can readily utilize available technology thanks to direct integrations and accreditations across multiple acquiring banks. Most resellers will appreciate placing their businesses on a list of the best in the industry and marketing them as such.

Increased Customer Loyalty – For businesses already enjoying happy and satisfied customers, adding this type of complementary solution to their existing services will improve their customer’s reliance on them. Consequently, customers will be more likely to stick around for the long haul. Customers love to deal with a single company for a variety of products and services, enhancing the value of the brand and making them the more popular option.

The convenience of Time and Effort – While setting up your payment gateway may seem like an excellent idea, you may be unaware of the enormous amount of effort, time, and money that goes into creating a new product from scratch. This type of setup necessitates ongoing updates and supervision, so you should be aware of this.

Final Thoughts

White Label Payment Gateway Solutions have many advantages. Outsourcing allows you to keep your expertise and professionalism. You are enjoying benefits like high ROI, the provision of innovative and practical payment solutions, and a strong brand reputation.

With White Label, customers retention improves, and customer confidence boosts when making payments.  Not everyone likes to be redirected to a different website for payment; for some, it could evoke feelings of suspicion and dissatisfaction. White label payment gateways help to reassure customers of their security and your brand’s authenticity. You are exposed to opportunities for business growth without being saddled with the stress of embarking on a payment startup.

These services are used by online stores, e-commerce sites, gaming platforms, and system providers. If your business accepts online payments, you should consider a White Label payment gateway.

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